zeroakaevan asked:

Would you please explain hyperconjugation to me?

i’ll do my best!!

Hyperconjugation is the interaction between a sigma and pi bond. The stability of a pi bond can be extended by adding a sigma bond next to it, letting “move” around a bit. Again, i’m at work so I can’t add any nice pictures until I get home. But Think of it as just extended stability by giving the electrons more room to wiggle about (just added delocalization and stability).


The lack of activity on this blog is due to an influx of work I’ve had to do in lab, along with most ofnit not being very interesting )-: so sorry about that. Another part of that is I don’t get much from my followers in terms of questions or requests AND at the moment, my photoshop is being a giant shit and I have to reinstall it. So bear with me!!

elshroom asked:

Whats the most dangerous chemical you have worked with so far in your career?

hmmmmmmmmmm i’m not entirely sure. Working with cyanide is p scary, and nearly setting fire to a hydrogen balloon was terrifying. n-butyl lithium once.. I don’t think there’s a single /most dangerous/ yet but i will think about it!!